Traffic Violations

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Have you gotten a DUI or a ticket for reckless driving?

Virginia has some of the nation’s toughest traffic laws (reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor in the state).

If you are convicted of reckless driving or a DUI the consequences far exceed a typical speeding ticket, and can include fines as well as possible loss of license, a criminal record and even jail time.  Having a criminal traffic conviction can disrupt many areas of your life such as impacting future employment and education opportunities, increasing insurance premiums, and more.

If you have been charged with reckless driving or any other serious criminal traffic offense, protect your rights and your future by calling us today.

Driving Under the Influence

When operating a motor vehicle in Virginia, you are legally considered driving or operating under the influence (DUI) if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is equal to or greater than 0.08 percent. You may still be considered under the influence with a lower BAC if your ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired. The penalties from impaired Driving Under the Influence of drugs are the same as those from driving under the influence of alcohol.  

Even though Marajuana use has been decriminalized in Virginia, it is still illegal to operate a vehicle while high.  

DUI charges are very serious and can have an impact on your life and your future.  Protect your rights by contacting an experienced attorney today.

reckless driving

Many people think of reckless driving as a more serious speeding ticket, but this is not the case, it is a class one misdemeanor. 

With a reckless driving summons you must not simply mail in your payment for the violation, it is a criminal charge that can go on your permanent record.  

Regardless of the circumstances, do not plead guilty without first consulting an attorney.

Please reach out to us for a consultation today.

We Have Defended Many Cases For Those Charged With Reckless Driving And Are Very Familiar With The Courts Along The I-81 Corridor.

Are you from out of state and can't make it back for court?

If you received your ticket while travelling through the Commonwealth of Virginia from another area or a different state, (such as West Virginia) you may not anticipate how much more severe the penalties are in Virginia. 

In order to get the best outcome, it is important to hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with reckless driving cases in Virginia. 

If you live further away, we may be able to save you a trip and make the initial appearance in court on your behalf. 

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